Explore the wilderness and meet the nomads of the stunning Sahara desert...

There is nothing quite like the thrill of climbing the summit of a Saharan sand dune to watch the sunset, or to experience the peace when walking for the whole day without seeing another soul. 

A trek in the desert is as much a meditative experience as it is a travel adventure. 

To walk alongside the camels and become part of the rhythm of daily life of the trek is magical. The walking itself is only part of the experience - to rest beneath a tamarisk tree, take the camels to the well, and of course enjoy dinner under the stars around the camp fire are the antidotes to a modern stressful lifestyle. 

The landscape changes from seas of sand – dunes rolling into the distance, to dried up river valleys, surprising oases, rocky wilderness and mountains usually somewhere on the horizon. 

And most surprising of all are the nomads – the people of the desert who with their herds of goats and camels eke out a living. It is not unusual to find a gathering of nomads around the fire discussing the desert news.

Who is camping at Chegaga? 

Where is the best water and grazing for the camels? 

Could a sandstorm be coming? 

Their knowledge of the desert is unparalleled and we pride ourselves in working with them to bring you an unforgettable experience.