•Brendan and Taryn

We really enjoyed the trip! Brahim, thank you so much for your kindness and great information. We will surely be back and will look you up then. Have a great year!


•Edith & Heinz

We started our journey yesterday. This was our first experience in the desert. We didn’t expect this wonderful service. We had an excellent service from Brahim here at the hotel and the food was delicious. The most amazing experience was our trip to the desert. We had an excellent and knowledgable guide Mohamed who conducted our caravan and also showed us his wonderful land. We rode the camels and I have no words to describe how amazing it was.


•Jim Maloney

Rita and I took a trip with Muhammed (chef) and Ishriel (Camel Guy) on March 25 and 26 into the desert near M’hamid. We walked through the dunes and across the stoney plains to the Erg dunes, camped out overnight at the nomad well, then walked back the next day — about 20 miles in total but all easy walking done at a camel pace (the camels carried all our gear). Originally we thought we’d ride the camels but, after trying it, walking was much better. Everything went very well — the trip was well organized, the food (tagine, couscous, salads, etc) was very good, the guide and Muhammed couldn’t have been friendlier and better at their jobs. We shopped around and the price was also the best in town. We also found in shopping around that the trips offered by the hotels(Land Rover caravans) and by other operators (10 miles of camel ride beside the highway) were just a bit of a rip-off especially considering the prices (up to 2000/dh/person/day). The trip was all we hoped it would be and I would recommend it very highly to anyone — note the walk is not strenuous. I’m 65 and so is my wife and had an easy time of it. Bon voyage.


•Mitch “Ali” and Alysa “Fatima”

Dear Brahim , Hussen and Aziz and Mohamed. Shukran for a REAL experience of the kasbahs, the desert and the various cultures of the Moroccan people .We are leaving you with so many wonderful memories of sights, sounds, laughter and music. Thank you for your inspiration. We hope to see you again encahlah. B’salam.



Brahim, Hussein and Iziz, shukran for an excellent tour of the desert and kasbahs. The drumming, singing and campfire were great! Hussein is an excellent cook! And Aziz does a very good rabbit impression! A Sqlaam!


Las Vegas

Brahim, Thank you so much for sharing your desert and for being so genuine and open – didn’t matter how philosophical or personal we got with our questions , it was always “no problem”. Aziz and Hussein – you guys cracked me up – lots of laughing, singing, bread and magic.


•JP Rodgers

I have been on many trips with Brahim Elaabdouli who runs this agency over the years and he is without doubt the foremost guide for the Southern Sahara and Anti Atlas region. His wealth of eexperience and his knowledge of the area is extraordinary but it is not just his knowledge but his love of the people that makes travelling with Brahim such a pleasure. He is unassuming, intelligent, incredibly considerate and I would trust him to the end of the earth. A trip with Brahim is to end up with an unforgettable experience and a friend for life. If you are looking for a cheap group tour that takes in all the standard sights with a whole bunch of people this is NOT the agency for you but if you are looking for an experienced guide to take you on an "off the beaten path" adventure where you will gain a real understanding into the lives of the people and the environment they live in then this IS the agency for you.